Broom Close, Boundary Wall and Gate Piers to the Entrance of Broom Close

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Broom Close Gate Piers
Broom Close Gate Piers and Boundary Wall

Road: Broom Close

Property: Boundary Wall and Gate Piers to the Entrance of Broom Close

Two late 19th Century stone piers with square capitals each with an iron gate at the entrance to Broom Close from Broom Road. The piers continue via a brick plinth to a brick pier at the corner of Thameside and Broom Road. The gate piers and corner piers are one of the remnants of the former large residence and grounds of Dr John Langdon Haydon Down who created a pioneering hospital for the disabled at Normansfield, a Grade I listed building opposite. The piers relate now to Broom Close which forms an access drive to the former dwellings as well as some infill development. (Source: Richmond Council Assessment)

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