Broom Close 49a, 49, 50, 51

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49-51 Broom Close

Road: Broom Close

Property: 49a, 49, 50, 51

These four houses (which look like three on casual inspection) are well set back off Broom Road, on a private drive with substantial gate posts on the Broom Road frontage; they are in a mixture of styles but form a good attractive group; the central two are in yellow and red stock brick with large eaves supported by decorative brackets, with painted stone (reconstituted?) lintels and central piers to the windows. No. 49a looks like a later addition but has similar eaves and brackets with lattice-like bow windows and is in a bright, almost orange, brick; no. 51 has a distinctive colonade type of porch; unfortunate concrete roof tiles though to the central pair.

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