Bushy Park, "Bartons Cottage"

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"Bartons Cottage", Bushy Park

Road: Bushy Park

Property: "Bartons Cottage"

Barton's Cottage was originally part of a farm complex which flourished for many years. It had its own duck pond which drained, according to the Roque map of the area, into the Longford below the Waterhouse pond. About 100 years ago the farm buildings were demolished and the farm house gentrified into a Grace and Favour residence. The pond remains outside the front gate but the water outlet drains northwards. An ex-equerry & Press Secretary to Elizabeth the Queen Mother (Major John Griffin) lived in this property from 1967 when he worked at Clarence House up until 2009, according to his son Philip who grew up there.It is a "Grace & Favour" house. It is mentioned in the 1997 book Bushy Park: Royals, Rangers and Rogues' written by Kathy White & Peter Foster but little is known of its history.It now appears to be uninhabited (2016).

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