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43 High Street
Old St Mary's Vicarage

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 43

From the Teddington Society 1989 report by Misses R. & S. Sanford:

"The three single storey shops nos. 43-47 are in front of the old vicarage. The vicarage of St Mary's Church was built in 1838, before that the village did not have a vicarage. However in 1881 it was decided to sell the vicarage by auction. The freehold property consisted of the house, a comfortable residence with front and rear gardens and outbuildings, and 3 acres and 15 perches of valuable building land, including the site of a proposed road having frontages on the High Street, and admirably adapted for villa residences and shop property.

The vendors reserved the right to pull down and clear away the materials of the building standing on the site of the proposed new road (Vicarage Road) and the purchaser was responsible for making the new road.

The land for sale included a valuable corner plot on the opposite corner of Vicarage Road with a frontage of 20ft on the High Street and 100ft on to the new road. This became The Dairy no. 41 High Street. It was described as suitable for the erection of a shop and dwelling house. A second plot with 34ft frontage suitable for shops and a dwelling house adjoined the corner site."

No. 43: A single storey building built in the front garden of the vicarage. Milestone & Collis are listed in the street directory of 1914. E&G Rice were estate agents there in 1905.

In 1989, Milestone & Collis (estate agents & auctioneers). In 2013, Milestone Residential (Milestone & Collis now a separate company based in Twickenham).

No. 45: In 1989, Teddington Electrical (a wholesale business). In 2012, As It Was (clothing and accessories). In 2013, Heel for Leather (fashion shoes).

No. 47: This shop was formerly a grocery run by John Keay, an old-style business which was maintained until 1974 when the manager retired. The shop was known under the name of "Old John Keay" when it first became an off licence.

In 1989, Liquormart (off-licence). In 2013, Famous Wines (still selling liquor!).

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