High Street 70

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70 High Street (Starbucks)
70 High Street in 1999 (pre-Starbucks)

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 70

This is no longer a BTM since Starbucks rebuilt it.

From the Teddington Society's "The Houses of Teddington" published 1999:

"No. 70 is on the east corner of the High Street and Field Lane and in 1800 was described as a coach house, yard & garden. The property belonged to Thomas Ingram who owned the house on the opposite corner of Field Lane, later called The Cedars. It is possible that it had once been the coach house attached to Bridgeman House since it adjoins the grounds of the house. Between 1800 and 1863 it was occupied by various private residents not employed as coachmen and in 1861 it was in the charge of a cook and a housemaid. By 1870 it was occupied by a doctor and continued to be a doctor's surgery until 1953. The old house is now an estate agents and although the original building is thought to be still standing it has been extended and other buildings have been built in the garden to the rear."

The second photo is the building as occupied by Dexters Estate Agents before Starbucks took over, when it was extensively renovated/rebuilt.

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