Park Road 57, "The Adelaide"

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"The Adelaide", 57 Park Road
"The Adelaide", 57 Park Road

Road: Park Road, Teddington

Property: 57, "The Adelaide" pub

In the Teddington Society Survey of the 1970s this was described as: "a detached, brick built, 2-storey building. It has a slate roof and a small dormer window and has sash windows." The windows have ornamental rendered lintels and reveals and many have attractive window boxes. The front and side elevations are painted white. There are three entrances, two in Park Road and one (now unused) in Albert Road, Teddington. The building was shown on the Ordnance Survey map of 1863. In the 1970s there had been a garage at the side with an extension behind abutting on no. 59 though this house was built some years after the pub. The garage has now gone and been replaced by an arch leading to "Patio and Garden." There are several small one storey extensions at the rear and part of the garden was sold off for residential redevelopment. In the 1871 census the "inn keeper" was Walter Lardner, and by 1881 he was listed as "licensed victualler." In 1891 his widow Isabella, noted as "hotel keeper", was in charge assisted by her son and two daughters.

Additional details in "Teddington As It Was":

"Adelaide Inn is called after William IV's widow Adelaide (1792-1849), who as Ranger lived for many years in Bushy Park at Bushy House. She was the much-loved patroness of the Teddington School and the Church."

A photograph which is a copy of a postcard accompanies the description and carries the words: "The Adelaide Inn, Teddington. W. Benning. Good Call for cricketers & cyclists." At the time the photograph was taken (no date given) there are posters outside saying that it sells theatre programmes, railway tickets and trips as well as acting for the house agents Milestone & Collis.

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