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Copyright Notice

Although most of the material on this Wiki has been provided by Teddington Society volunteers and contributors, some of the older material particularly photographs has been extracted from earlier publications where the copyright ownership is uncertain. Where we know the source we have tried to acknowledge it. If we have failed to acknowledge any such source we apologise in advance and will either give appropriate recognition to the source or, if requested, remove the material.

In particular some early photographs have been scanned from various books on Teddington; notably:

  • Teddington - Past & Present
  • Twickenham,Whitton.Teddington & The Hamptons
  • Edwardian Teddington
  • Teddington as it was

Except where specifically noted, the contents of this Wiki are Copyright © The Teddington Society.

Those wishing to use the contents of this Wiki for other than their personal use should apply by email to:

The Secretary
The Teddington Society

Wiki and Website Queries

Queries about this Wiki and the Society's main website (Web-Tidings) should be directed by email to:

Please draw our attention by email to any information you believe to be wrong, inappropriate or in breach of copyright.