High Street 73-77

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73-77 High Street 1970s

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 73-77

From very early in the 19th century, 3 cottages occupied this site but were demolished sometime in the second half of that century for the existing shops.

73 High Street
75 High Street
77 High Street

In 1989 the Misses Sanford wrote: "Nos. 73-77 is an interesting building showing turn of the century or late Victorian characteristics – the use of floral decoration, classical columns, gothic style etc. No. 121 is a narrower version, obviously built by the same architect. The property is 3-storey with dormer windows, and with small shops between the main building and the pavement."

No. 73: In 1973, Collectors Corner (an antique business specialising in glass). In 1989, Jeeves Interiors. In 2013, Jude the Obscure (clothing and jewellery).

No. 75: In 1973, Dobney, greengrocers. In 1989, Fruiterers. In 2013, Fallow Deer (café).

No. 77: In 1973 & 1989, Langrish (shoe repairer). In 2013, Wood Companions (furniture and fittings).

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